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EyesWeb XMI released 
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EyesWeb has been released:

The following is the list of changes:
- Base catalog - Added DFlipFlop block which behaves like a D-type flip-flop with generic input, startup value, reset and three di erent type of clock event (rise, fall or trigger) modes
- Base catalog - Added block CentroidsToLine which transforms the points (baricenters) extracted from the CentroidCalc block to a set of segments, in order to provide a better visual representation of the centroids
- Base catalog - Added parameters to the CentroidsCalc block to specify whether to alpha- fiter the computed points, and to tune such filtering
- Base catalog - enhancements to the PeakDetector block:
- Added continuos signal parameter to analyze or ignore the last sample of previous time series
- Added threshold mode parameter to select whether the threshold has to be compared with the sample values or with their absolute values
- Added compare parameter to validate peaks only when they are above or below a given threshold
- Base Catalog - The AudioSave block now also supports the 8 bits (unsigned) format
- Base Catalog - Added StringToInt block, to convert a String datatype to an Integer datatype
- Base Catalog - Added blocks TimeSeresReader and TimeSeriesWriter, which read and write timeseries to le. The file is compatible with other software (e.g., Audacity)
- Base Catalog - Added a tracker based on proximity measures (square distance or correlation)
- Kernel - Improved logging (added logs when a patch is loaded, initialized, checked, started, stopped, uninitialized); also improved log info in the case of blocks without a label (not added to a patch yet, i.e., during patch loading): the classname is used instead of the label
- IDE - The revision number is now shown in the about box
- Setup - The Xvid coded is distributed with EyesWeb, in order to reduce the size of the redistributed media files
- IDE - Changed the pro filing-info dialog such that the mean execution time is shown near the block name, and the item are sorted by descending execution time
- IDE - Added a command to export the pro ling data to a text fi le

- Base Catalog - Block BooleanToTrigger used the same name and description for Mode and InitialState parameters
- Base Catalog - Fixed issue with DrawGraphicObjects. It was drawing all inputs even if unchanged; not it draws only changed inputs. An option to preserve the old behaviour is available
- Base Catalog - Extract Blob From List, when asked to use the contraction index, was examining an uninitialized variable, leading to random results; now it uses the return value of GetContractionIndex
- Base Catalog - The MatrixConcatenate block could fail after the first execution if the size of the input matrices was changed
- Base Catalog - Fixed bug with the Image datatype. An access violation could occur when performing a SetColor operation
- Base Catalog - Fixed a bug which caused the SignalGenerator block to crash with some bu ffersizes
- Kernel Catalog - Fixed a problem with the InputSelector block which could slow down EyesWeb after running for a while if the Active input parameter was continuosly set (even if it was not actually changing)
- Steinberg Catalog - VST blocks would fail to instantiate because they would try to unregister an activation event on input would always fail because the block didn't register for input-based activation yet
- Steinberg Catalog - The last character in each VST parameter name was trimmed (even if it wasn't a space)
- Steinberg Catalog - When the VST reports an initial value that is outside the [0,1] range, force it to be a valid value
- Kernel - Fixed wrong comparison of log level, which caused debug messages not to be logged to file
- Media Format - Fixed bugs with WMVReader, VideoServer, NetRecvUDP, Net-SendUDP, VideoFileReader. They allocated a thread in the constructor; this could cause EywQuery to fail


05 Mar 2009, 17:46

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Hi Paolo,

I downloaded and installed, unfortunately it doesn't work on my machine. works fine, but when I uninstall it and install the new version it seems to
crash on kernel initialisation.

I don't know if it's related, but on the download page it mentions the install file
is about 170Mb, when it is actually only 84Mb.

I've attached screenshots of the crash, maybe they will help you.

Kind regards,


File comment: Crash screenshot 2
eyw5.2.2crash2.GIF [ 8.19 KiB | Viewed 32725 times ]
File comment: Crash screenshot 1
eyw5.2.2crash.GIF [ 47.72 KiB | Viewed 32725 times ]
06 Mar 2009, 20:18

Joined: 29 Jan 2009, 21:57
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Found the cause, a Freeframe plugin called scope.dll. Once it was removed Eyesweb 5.2.2 worked like a charm.

07 Mar 2009, 19:09

Joined: 21 Mar 2008, 22:35
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Ok, thanks for the report. We will see if we can replicate it.


09 Mar 2009, 02:54

Joined: 21 Mar 2008, 22:35
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zap25 wrote:
I don't know if it's related, but on the download page it mentions the install file
is about 170Mb, when it is actually only 84Mb.

FYI, the main reason for this change is that the MicroDance.avi file is now coded with xvid instead of HuffYUV.


09 Mar 2009, 03:00
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