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EyesWeb 5.2.0 available for download
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Author:  paolo [ 21 Jan 2011, 11:09 ]
Post subject:  EyesWeb 5.2.0 available for download

What's new:
  • Added the SARC catalog, developed and mantained by Queen's University of Belfast. The catalog comes with many example patches available in the Patches/Sarc folder
  • Switched to Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 (compiler VC 9.0).
  • EyesWeb Mobile and MetaEyesWeb: compatibility betweeb 64 bits client and 32 bits server
  • Removed the EyesWeb Control Panel (as it is now available inside the GUI options)
  • Kernel catalog
    • Added Vector block, a generic vector-based datatype container
    • Added a block to perform For iterations inside an EyesWeb subpatch
    • Added a reset parameter to the Delay block
  • Base catalog
    • Added a block implementing the PFinder background subtraction algorithm
    • The SelectMultipleTrackedBlobs now has more option to sort the blobs (area, bounding-rect width, bounding-rect height and distance from a given point)
    • Added blocks for Audio sinusoidal analysis (implemented by Carlo Drioli)
    • Added block to perform PixelWise comparison between images
    • Added a MP3 file reader in the BaseAudio catalog that uses the Intel UMC library (it's also available on Linux)
    • Added GeometricLabelledSetInt to GraphicLabelledSetInt converter
    • Replaced the keepAspectRatio boolean floag of some blocks with a letterBoxMode enumerator to be able to decide where to place the image in the case that the aspect ratio is preserved and black mattes are added
    • Added an option to the OpticalFlow block to compute optical flow between two images in input; also changed implementation to limit the computation to the current Roi
    • Added FileOperation block, which performs operations onfiles (e.g., Move, Copy, Delete, etc.)
    • Added LabelledSetMerge block, to merge two or more labelled sets
    • Added ExtractColorBlobs block, to track blobs basing on colors (HSV)
    • Added a block to add an item to a labelled set
    • Modified block ComposeAudioChannels to work on static timeseries instead of audio
    • Added an Option to the CentroidsCalc block to compute only the half centroids with respect to a vertical axis, also added an option to insert into the labelled set even centroids that are computed but not explicitely required by the user
    • Added HaarCascade block (with respect to the existing FaceDetection block, it provides a list of detected objects as output, instead of drawing them on the image)
    • Added block ResizeRoi, shrink or enlarge the input roi
  • System catalog
    • Added frame up and frame down buttons to the VideoFileReader
    • Added current frame time output to the VideoFileReader
  • GpGPU catalog
    • Added block DrawText, to draw text on images using FreeType
    • Added pipelined mode to cuda_host_to_device. Using pipelined mode causes a delay of a fixed number of frames, but improves performance
  • Sdk
    • Added interface IPixelwiseComparisonOp, which compare images pixel-by-pixel
    • Added interface ITranspose, which transposes an image (input size: w x h, output size: h x w)
    • Added interface IDrawtext, to draw text over an image (currently supported only by the CudaImage datatype)
    • Added interfaces IShape2DInt and IShape2DDouble, to query an image for Baricenter, Area, and BoundingRect
    • Added functions to simplify serialization of datatypes to std::strings
    • Added functions to check init_info equality
    • Added functions to declare a font_selector parameter pin
    • Added code to implement the Savitzky Golay filter

  • Fixed bug in BaseMath: the ReadMatrixFromFile blocks fail to load matrix when the row lenght of text file is bigger than 4098 bytes
  • Fixed bug in AudioFileReader and VideoFileReader: the synchronization mode was not initialized
  • Fixed bug in Network Send and Receive block with UDP v. 2.0 protocol: could block on exit
  • Fixel bug in LabelledSetExtract: if extracting elements by index and if index is not found, then the output timestamp should not be updated
  • Fixed bug in EywRegisterModule: crash if the folder is read-only (e.g., when running on Windows 7 and the catalog is in the Program Files folder)
  • Fixed bug in TitleMachine block: with some color formats the text appeared twisted
  • Fixed bug in FaceDetection block (see http://forum.eyesweb.org/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=581). Some parameter values caused the underlying OpenCV libraries to crash
  • Fixed bug in Rectangle2DGenerator: might crash when selection Int mode
  • Fixed bug in AIFF_Reader: crashes if the index value is greater than the end of the file
  • Fixed bug kernel (RCF server): crash when stopping a patch via MetaEyesWeb
  • Fixed bug http://bugzilla.eyesweb.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=295: input selector block causes the patch to slow down
  • Fixed bug in VideoFileReader: could crash due to trying to extract an image from an empty list
  • Fixed bug in CentroidsCalc: could crash in the case of empty sub-regions


Author:  henry-t [ 21 Jan 2011, 19:36 ]
Post subject:  Re: EyesWeb 5.2.0 available for download

Sorry, but where can I download this new version?

Author:  henry-t [ 21 Jan 2011, 20:48 ]
Post subject:  Re: EyesWeb 5.2.0 available for download

I can only find Version 5.1.0 at http://www.infomus.org/EywIndex.html

Author:  paolo [ 22 Jan 2011, 00:45 ]
Post subject:  Re: EyesWeb 5.2.0 available for download


you can download it at
ftp://ftp.infomus.org/Evaluate/EyesWeb/ ... _5.2.0.exe
or from the EyesWeb web pages (http://www.eyesweb.org)

May be you still get a reference to version 5.1.0 due to some cached web page?


Author:  henry-t [ 24 Jan 2011, 02:35 ]
Post subject:  Re: EyesWeb 5.2.0 available for download

Great! Thank You! I got 5.2.0 from your direct ftp: link and it's running great.

Is there a 5.2.0 SDK and Gesture Processing Library also or is 5.1.0 the most recent for those?
If there is could you send me the direct ftp: link for those also
The link at www.eyesweb.org still seems to give me 5.1.0.

Author:  henry-t [ 24 Jan 2011, 03:40 ]
Post subject:  Re: EyesWeb 5.2.0 available for download

Ah Ha!
I found all the current 5.2.0 at: http://www.infomus.dist.unige.it/
then go to "tools" menu then "EyesWeb Open Software Platform" then a few more links.

So I got all the current 5.2.0 versions (Platform, SDK, Gesture Processing Library)
Thank You.

But so you know the www.eyesweb.org link you posted above doesn't seem to lead to the new version

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