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EyesWeb 5.1.0 available for download 
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After having been exensively used during the EyesWeb Week 2010, EyesWeb 5.1.0 has been publicly released:

What's new

  • GPGPU catalog preview
  • MetaEyw-Scripting support preview
  • Linux version preview
  • Changed version numbers schema to major.minor.release. Diff erent release numbers with the same major and minor are binary compatible. Diff erent minor numbers within the same major number are source compatible (i.e., your blocks can be rebuilt without changes to the source code) but not binary compatible. Di fferent major number might require source code changes.
  • Based on FreeImage Library to read/write images
  • Kernel

    • Added a kernel option (RemoveDuplicates) to disable setting duplicate parameters (warning: setting this option to true may change behaviour of existing patches)
    • Added support for Catalog properties (see, e.g., here for a brief description)
    • Added support for Quota when logging to a given folder (see, e.g., here for a brief description)
    • Improved subpatches usability: input and parameter pins can now be connected to more than one pin inside the subpatch. Also implemented this enhancement, which means that subpatch input pins can be used as a sync source inside the subpatch.
    • Kernel Catalog - added a Reset parameter to the Snapshot block
    • Kernel Catalog - added the NULL flag to ROI to be able to distinguish between an empty ROI (the operation does not a ect the image) and a NULL ROI (the ROI is not present, hence, the whole image is a ffected by the operation). Added block SetNullRoi to change this flag, and block IsNullRoi to read this flag.
  • GUI

    • Added support for parameters of type DatatypeSelector, which let the user select a specifi c datatype instance.
  • Base catalog
    • Added block BoundRoiInRoi, which ensures that the input Roi is inside the Roi provided as a parameter
    • Added block MoveAroundPoint, which provides as output a point which is at a given distance from the input point, and minimize distances from a given list of points
    • Added block LoadMarkers, which loads audio markers from a text file. The le can be generated with third party SW, e.g., Audacity
    • Added block Point2DDoubleToPoint2Dint, which converts the point coordinates from normalized floating-point to absolute integer
    • Added parameter to Generic.FileWriter block to automatically stop the writer when patch execution is stopped
    • Added Jump parameter to the SlopeGenerator block
    • Added block FPS which computes the FramesPerSecond of an incoming stream of data
    • Added block MoveAroundPoint to compute the position of a ROI near to a point but not overlapping it
    • Added block PointInRoiList and PointInLabelledRoiList, to verify whether a point is inside a give list of rectangles. The Labelled version can bind a label to each rectangle
    • Improved block ReadImage to support caching of images, extraction of a subset of the image, cueing the next image to be read
    • The DynamicToStaticPCMAudioBu er block now works with several variants of PCM datatypes.
    • Added ROI support to the ReadImage block (i.e., you can read a speci fic part of the image)
    • Added block Quantizer
    • Added block BlobHistogram which computes the histogram of a blob along horizontal or vertical direction
    • ListRemoveIf can now fi lter blobs in a list even basing on their laying inside a given rect
    • Merged the hasAlpha tag with the color model tag for the Image datatypes. Consequently, many blocks dealing with images have lost the hasAlpha parameter, and the color model combos have more options (see here)
    • Added support for two more algorithms (Lukas Kanade and Block Matching) to the OpticalFlow block
    • Added ImageTranspose block (swap horizontal and vertical dimensions of an image)
    • OSC - added support for bundles
  • Steinberg catalog

    • The ASIO output block now uses silence at the and of the audio data ( before this change, the last buff er was repeated)
    • The Asio output and ASIO input blocks notify ASIO Device initialization errors on the message console
  • System catalog
    • Added block Multimedia Timer, which acts as a periodic bang generator, and uses the Windows Multimedia Timer
    • The DirectSoundOutput and DirectSoundInput blocks notify DSound Device initialization errors on the message console
    • The FrameGrabber block now let the user manually tune Gain, Exposure, etc at the driver level (note: some drivers do not support overriding Automatic settings)
  • SDK
    • Added a new block activation mode (OnPredicate)
    • Merged the Image hasAlpha flag with the colorModel flag (see, e.g., here for a brief description); modi fied many blocks to reflect such change.
  • EyesWeb Mobile
    • Added server support for batch noti fications and for atomic setparameter operations (all set parameters executed within the same execution step)
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30 Jun 2010, 12:00
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