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EyesWeb released 
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After having been exensively used during the eNTERFACE '09 Workshop on Multimodal Interfaces, EyesWeb has been publicly released:

What's new

  • Added the EyesWeb Mobile application to the EyesWeb package
  • Added kernel support for EyesWeb Mobile; eywconsole --help shows the option available to run EyesWeb as a server
  • Performance optimizations when executing subpatches
  • Deployment
    • The deployed version is compiled with the Intel C++ compiler
    • The distributed SDK is still compiled with the Visual C++ compiler (thus, you do not need the Intel Compiler to build your blocks)
  • Base catalog
    • Added ExtractMidiTimecode block
    • Blob2D datatype now requires initinfo to specify the size of the source image
    • CentroidCalc block can now work on half silhouette (lower or upper part of the whole body)
    • Added FaceDetection block developed by Matei Mancas
    • Added CircularHough transform block
    • Datatype deriving from ITimeSeries now share a common interface event for initialization data. In this way block operation on TimeSeries can be more generic (do not need to enumerate known datatypes)
    • Matrix2TimeSeries: added an option to avoid data clipping (by default data is not clipped, except for old patches)
    • TimeSeries.StatisticalOperations: a copy is now avoided unless it is really necessary (MaxAbs cannot be performed as a single IPP operation)
    • PCM Audio Mixer has now an option for smoothed operations
    • Blob2D serialization now uses RLE-encoding
    • Add support for sending/receiving multiple data items in an OSC message
    • Added block MatrixSum, which sums rows or columns of a matrix
    • Added block LoadMarkers, which loads audio markers from a text file. The file can be generated withthir party SW, e.g., Audacity
  • Kernel catalog
    • Changed conversion from time to double, now the outcoming double represents the time in seconds (first it was in 100ns). The conversion now has the same behaviour as the double to time conversion (where double values were interpreted as seconds)
  • Steinberg catalog
    • The blocks VSTHost has been extended to accept all supported format of PCM datatypes
    • The blocks VSTHost now has a communication channel with the VST plugin though which the plugin can add non-numeric parameters and non-audio outputs
  • System catalog
    • GetFromVideoServer: the KeepAspectRatio parameter can be changed even at design time
  • Documentation
    • Added 3D and NationalInstruments catalog to the documentation

  • Fixed bug #179: movingArithOp behaves incorrectly when reset
  • Fixed bug #147: incorrect summed value in Operations.Moving Arithmetic
  • Base Catalog - PCMaudio-related blocks were many drawbacks which have been now fixed
  • SDK - license info was not registered
  • The GdiDisplay block could draw some images skewd, according to the image size
  • Fixed a bug in Blob2D internal memory deallocation (delete was used instead of delete[])
  • The block "ZStarIn" never report the state of Button S1
  • MatrixFromFile: fixed an issue when reading single-line matrices from file. Size was not automatically detected
  • Fixed issues with block Counter: Stop did not work; Bounded and Circular modes did not work in some cases
  • Fixed bug with FreeFrame plugins. If FrameCopy is not supported, invoking FF_GETPLUGINCAPS return FF_FAIL which is defined as 0xFFFFFFFF. This was used as the number of inputs/outputs of the block, causing Eyw to crash.
  • 3DDisplay: check that the texture file exists before trying to load it
  • GetMouse: the type could be changed at runtime causing a signature change event, which causes an EysWeb crash!
  • Eyesweb crash when starting a patch containing the WaveFileWriter block with empty filename parameter
  • Fixed some issues with delayed notification of parameter changes in subpatches
  • ProximityMeasures: the block could cause Eyw to crash when the search ROI exceeded the image boundaries
  • Fixed bug in block ColorToGray (image step was wrong)


12 Sep 2009, 12:21

Joined: 21 Mar 2008, 22:35
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Hi all,

it seems the previous download was corrupt. If you experienced problems, please try again now!


25 Sep 2009, 00:31
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