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EyesWeb 5.2.1 available for download
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Author:  paolo [ 15 Jun 2011, 10:53 ]
Post subject:  EyesWeb 5.2.1 available for download

What's new:
  • Added support for the Microsoft Kinect device, based on the OpenNI drivers. See http://forum.eyesweb.org/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=664#p1540 for installation instructions.
  • GUI
    • The device configuration tab (kernel options) is now more robust with respect to broken device enumerators
  • Kernel catalog
    • Implemented serialization for the List datatype (some more datatypes can be visualized using the StringDisplay block)
  • Base catalog
    • Added CannyEdgeDetector block
    • The PcmAudioMixer block can now export the internal mixing matrix (useful when using the Smoothing parameters)
    • Added a Reset parameter to the SlopeLimiter block;, to reset the output value to the initial value
    • Improved CameraCorrection block
    • Added block ListPersistency, which removs items from a list if they are not persistent
    • Added block MultipleListsRemoveDuplicates, which removes duplicates from multiple lists
    • Aded parameters to the PFinder background subtraction algorithm to control how to update the background model of pixels corrisponding to foreground
    • FFT block can now use different windowing functions, not only Blackman
    • The GetMouse block can now procide normalized floating-point coordinates as output
    • Added the LocalBinaryPattern background subtraction algorithm
    • Added a block to compute the HammingDistance (number of different bits) between images
    • Added a block (selectIntervals) which looks for the input timecode in a given list of temporal intervals and return the index of the interval
    • The AiffReader block can now (optionally) generate silence if the file does not exist or is wrong.
    • The LoadMarkers block now gives full information (begin and end)about the loaded intervals (before this change, only the interval start time was read from file)
    • Added support for 64bit integer to the OSC input block
    • Added a block (and related device in the System Catalog) to control VTR devices (e.g., Firewire tape cameras)
  • System catalog
    • Added WaveInput and WaveOutput blocks (and devices) to acquire and playback audio based on the Windows multimedia sdk (waveIn and waveOut functions)
    • Added a block to send data through network to a Psyclone server
    • The StringDisplay block can now be configured (number of columns and rows, alignment, etc)
  • Sdk
    • Added functions to get characteristics of a given PCM format (e.g., bits per sample, signed/unsigned, etc.)

  • Fixed bug in MovingArithOpImpl. Reset with a window length greater than 0 did not work correctly
  • Fixed bug in Image datatype: compressed formats (4:2:2) were not handled correctly
  • Fixed bug in ImageDisplay: subsampled formats (e.g. YUYV) were not correctly visualized
  • Fixed bug in Cuda Image datatype: the Cuda thread was not joined when closing Eyw. This could cause a crash when quitting Eyw

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