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The SARC EyesWeb Catalog (SEC)
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Author:  Nick Gillian [ 16 Feb 2010, 16:41 ]
Post subject:  The SARC EyesWeb Catalog (SEC)

Hi All,

Just to let you know that the latest version of the SEC has been released and is available to download from my website:

This version of the SEC (Version 1.1) features over 60 blocks that have been specifically designed for real-time gesture recognition and signal processing. Some of the algorithms featured in this release are:
- Principal Component Analysis
- Dynamic Time Warping
- Artificial Neural Networks
- Fuzzy C-Means Clustering
- K-Means Clustering
- HotSpots
- State Machines

I have also created help documentation for each block along with a demo patch for each block to show how it works. These can all be downloaded for free from the website above. I will also be working on a number of detailed demos that demonstrate the use of a few specific blocks such as Dynamic Time Warping and the Artificial Neural Network blocks. These will be placed on my website within the next few weeks.

Hope these blocks are of some use to your research, projects and installations,



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