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Author:  paolo [ 16 Jul 2009, 08:35 ]
Post subject:  HTTP videoserver

This patch demonstrate how to implement an HTTP videoserver in EyesWeb, which is compatible with a standard web browser.

After running the attached patch, open your web browser at the following address:

You should see a random image which is generated inside the EyesWeb patch. Refresh the webpage to get an up-to-date image.


videoserver.eywx [17.92 KiB]
Downloaded 2359 times

Author:  david [ 20 Jul 2009, 11:57 ]
Post subject:  Re: HTTP videoserver

when opening the patch supplied Eyesweb reports error:

"MSG> Loading Patch "C:\Users\david\Desktop\videoserver.eywx"... The patch file has syntax errors
Error loading patch "C:\Users\david\Desktop\videoserver.eywx": The patch file has syntax
ERR> errors

Any clue?


Author:  paolo [ 23 Jul 2009, 12:46 ]
Post subject:  Re: HTTP videoserver

May be I created that file with the current development version of EyesWeb.
The attached one should work with EyesWeb (ftp://ftp.infomus.org/Evaluate/EyesWeb/ ... .0.3.0.exe)


File comment: Need EyesWeb ver.
videoserver.eywx [13.91 KiB]
Downloaded 2430 times

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