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Delete the data on a port
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Author:  vnick [ 11 May 2009, 13:10 ]
Post subject:  Delete the data on a port


I have an EyesWeb patch that contains file reader and file writer and a module in between processing image data.
I want to run the patch with a bunch of input files. That works fine in principle.
Now my module in the chain needs a runin time of 3 images when the input file changes. Therefore I have added a file port to this module and have connected it to the file reader. When a new file is detected the first three images are skipped. Fine so far. Now the but:
BUT: The file writer still writes out images and does not wait for the new ones to arrive even if I skip the whole processing thus the generation of new output data. This results e.g. if I run two sequences 10 images each with the first 3 to be skipped in the first output file to correctly have 7 images and the second output file to have 10, 3 old ones and 7 new ones.
QUESTION: How can I avoid the file writer to be triggered again with the old data when I switch to a new file or in other words: How can I reset the output ports of my module that is connceted to the writer to the initial state they had at start time?

Thanks a lot in advance

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