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Tracking application help needed
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Author:  ajithjp [ 08 Jan 2011, 22:23 ]
Post subject:  Tracking application help needed

I was wondering if someone could help me as I can't find any decent tutorial for eyesweb. I am not a programmer, but a physical therapist.
What I am trying to do is use a webcam to measure the Range of Motion (movement) in joints - a trial application. I have
played a bit with background subtraction, corner detection, blob tracking, centroids etc, but can't quite get the logic and
some of the blocks that I have been trying to connect wont connect and I am getting lots of errors.
Say for example, if I was going to track how much movement was available in the right elbow of a person standing infrotn of a webcam, how would I get eyesweb to track the elbow joint as a reference point and then track the movement of the forearm and then compare it with the initial position. Would this be possible in eyesweb?
I have tried man_parameter with plotting by hierarchical draw in man_params but the cross hair is not at the joint and seems to freeze and not actually move.Is there a way of getting the draw over joints or to get centroids drawn over joints?
Please advice if you can help,

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