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other sounds rather than Midi Mapper
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Author:  Ceri Williams [ 27 Nov 2009, 10:06 ]
Post subject:  other sounds rather than Midi Mapper

Anyone know how I can use a different lot of MIDI sounds from the PC eg sound fonts. I can map out to a Yamaha sound module to play sounds generated but I want to keep the wires to a miimum so sounds from the pc would be great? If so an example would be great. for example, how would I get a different set of sounds to show up in the MIDI out block that lists Midi Mapper and GS Wavetable? Or an alternative is I don't know how to send note off messages in the patch I use so any non-dacaying sounds produced just keep playing, knowing how to do that would be useful.

I could attach a patch so you could see.

I am using 3.3.0 for this patch only bcause it won't open in XMI.

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