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Bachelor thesis of tracking a conductors baton
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Author:  Toneart [ 21 Oct 2009, 11:05 ]
Post subject:  Bachelor thesis of tracking a conductors baton

Motiontracking of a conductor's baton for implementation a virutal orchestra in a real orchestra!

Hey guys,
i am from Germany and at this time i am writing my bachelor thesis about the
theme in this header. So i am looking for a small programm, preferably for OS X
or Windows, who i can track the tip of a baton. The idea is, when the
beaton reaching his highest point and then drop down, the programm should output
a midi signal. This midi signal can be used as a beat clock signal. So far, so

So what i need is a motion tracking program where i can read out parameters
based on x/y coordinates. Actually only the y values. When i have these
coordinates i only need a program which analyse these datas and convert it to

I hope you understand my issue and there are some possibilities to solve it. Or if some of you guys can program such a program i would pay some money for that.

Best reards,


Author:  paolo [ 10 Nov 2009, 03:05 ]
Post subject:  Re: Bachelor thesis of tracking a conductors baton

EyesWeb seems well suited for your work. Did you take a look at the example patches? There is one tracking example in the distributed patches.


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