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crash with 3DDisplay block
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Author:  georg48 [ 13 Mar 2012, 15:15 ]
Post subject:  crash with 3DDisplay block

I have a problem:
Crash with EyesWeb Rev. 4517 Nightly Version 03.02.2012
PCs: Windows XP and Windows 7
It happens only, if I use patches with the 3D Catalog and before save the patch.
e.g. I can load and run the original patch forest.eywx . Then I save the patch under
other name (forestc.eywx) and leaving EyesWeb.
I start with EyesWeb once more and run the saved patch forestc.eywx. Now crashed!!
I have noticed that problem is associated always with the Block 3DDisplay.

Please can someone help me?



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