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input selector/multiplexer bug?
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Author:  david [ 17 Jul 2009, 00:50 ]
Post subject:  input selector/multiplexer bug?

Hi all..

I am trying to make a kind of slide show.
The core for doing it is:
Several images are fed on an input selector. The image to display is selected by changing the "active input" parameter. This parameter is a simple counter in cycle.. from 0 to 3.. and so on and so on.

It works.. but only once.. on first cycle.
After restarting the cycle the input selector no longer changes its state.
Is it a bug? Or I'm not regarding the whole picture?!?

Why is this forum so "dead"?!?

David Palma

Author:  paolo [ 23 Jul 2009, 13:10 ]
Post subject:  Re: input selector/multiplexer bug?

If the images you are using for the slideshow are available as jpeg files, you could probably using a solution similar to the attached one.

Otherwise, the probvem is probably due to the fact that your sources are not regenerating the images when you change the selector. May be using syncpins to regenrating the sources might work.

david wrote:
Why is this forum so "dead"?!?

Because most people from the Eyw staff is currently busy with this event:


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